“Jetpak finds the right solutions, and that allows us to offer a better customer experience.”

Imagine a large batch of fish waiting to be tested and approved. Delays would mean huge financial losses and a the stink of disappointment.

This is a perfect example of what our customers expect from us as a courier: Punctuality, speed, reliability and availability. That's our job.

TosLab AS works to increase food safety and water quality by offering cutting-edge microbiological and chemical tests for both businesses and individuals.
That's their job.

TosLab uses Jetpak's express deliveries daily 

“We signed an agreement with Jetpak in August 2015. Before that, we only used their services occasionally. When we sat down with Tor Strand from Jetpak Norway, we began to realise the potential that a mutually beneficial partnership could have to allow us to become an even better supplier for our existing and future customers,” says Vegard Tennes from TosLab.

Jetpak works with TosLab to ensure that they’re able get their job done without problems. TosLab uses Jetpak's services almost daily, scheduling a total of 12-15 deliveries per week. Most of them concern time-sensitive samples which must be analysed immediately.

“Really efficient logistics is vital for us because most of our customers trust and depend on fast test results.”

TosLab says that they prefer Jetpak because of the company’s availability, predictability and prices, which elevate Jetpak over its competitors. Another very important factor is Jetpak's ability to communicate and collaborate to make the process as smooth as possible, and thereby increase TosLab's customer satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty.

“Strand from Jetpak is a solution-oriented logistics expert who is helpful and accessible. Many of TosLab's customers are in places known for having terrible weather, such as dense fog in summer or strong winds in winter, which causes chaos in air traffic. If a connection is missed for one reason or another, the package arrives on the next flight.”

Samples usually arrive the same day at the airport in Tromsø, where deliveries to TosLab are stored in a cold room ready to be dispatched the following morning.

“The fact that Jetpak has local knowledge throughout the whole country is also extremely important, especially when it comes to working with a salmon farm far from the coast.”

“It means everything to us to have a supplier we can trust as we do Jetpak. The simple fact that Jetpak is predictable, competitive and always ready to find the right solutions for us enables us to offer a better customer experience. Jetpak is in many ways part of our services and has helped us build our good reputation.”

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