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Below, you’ll find information about our general terms and conditions, fuel surcharges and more.

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Capacity surcharge

Due to significantly increased supplier cost and changed handling processes, we have implemented the following surcharge:

The surcharge is valid for all air products within specified amounts:

1,15€ / kg (chargeable weight)
• Minimum 13,50€ per AWB (per shipment)
• Maximum 75€ per AWB (per shipment)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service / +32-2-300 24 24 or your sales representative.

Fuel surcharge

Changes in fuel prices have contributed to higher costs for the transportation industry. Jetpak’s fuel charge is based on actual cost in relation to air transportation and ground transportation with trucks.

The fuel surcharge is 1,35€ per kg
(per April 16th 2024)

When booking a Jetpak shipment online or via our customer service, you will always be quoted the final sum, which includes fuel charge (excluding VAT). Jetpak reserves the right to adjust the fuel charge without prior notice. Both the amount and duration of the charge is determined by Jetpak.

Fuel & Sustainability Surcharge

The Jetpak Fuel & Sustainability index is based on Sveriges Åkeriföretags index, with a 65/35 split between “diesel + other costs” and “HVO + other costs” (

The index is adjusted every month, based on the actual index one month before.

Jetpak FS surcharge is 21,40% valid from April 16th, 2024