Transport solutions for the manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, time is money, so delays in the production line have to be kept to a minimum. Express delivery, then, is a must. It saves you time and money by allowing you to centralise your inventory and reducing the number, and therefore cost, of inventory points. And of course, you can seek out better planned – and faster – deliveries.

Express delivery reduces expensive downtime 

A vehicle manufacturer faces many logistics challenges. A truck with components on it can be parked far up in Norway. Something can happen in production that causes costly downtime. Links in the chain can quickly need spare parts.

There are times when ad-hoc express deliveries are both a necessity and a competitive advantage. They save you time and money by allowing you to centralize your inventory and reduce the number of local warehouses while still maintaining the same high level of service.

Same day delivery within the Nordics and Europe 

Jetpak makes sure your deliveries arrive quickly and without errors. By making use of commercial air traffic and ground transportation, we can transport our customers' packages quickly and deliver within a few hours of their ordering.

We operate at more than 170 airports in the Nordic region and have access to most airports in the rest of Europe. We can also help you systematize the logistics flow so you can offer smaller, faster deliveries – providing a more efficient flow for everyone.

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