Our Customers

“We wanted a nationwide supplier for courier services and local distribution and chose Jetpak for their high quality.”

Solar A/S was founded in Kolding, Denmark in 1919, and in Sweden in 1989. Solar is a procurement and service company working in electricity, plumbing and ventilation.

Jetpak recommended by a competitor 

A few years ago, Solar was having problems with its distribution company in Dalarna in Sweden. Things got so bad that Solar's customers began considering alternative suppliers. Something needed to be done, and fast.

Solar started looking for a new logistics partner. After assessing a number of options, Solar received a tip about Jetpak from one of the company's competitors.

“It was very interesting to us to have a logistics company recommend one of its competitors”, says Fredrik Mällo, Logistics Manager at Solar.

Jetpak thoroughly analysed Solar’s needs, the two companies worked out a solution together and then started collaborating.

“Thanks to Jetpak, we managed to win back our customers’ trust. They understood our needs and always kept their promises,” continues Fredrik.

Solar uses Jetpak daily all over Sweden 

The collaboration with Jetpak started with express deliveries in 2014, but it’s in Malmö that it has gradually expanded. Today, Solar uses Jetpak's services in several locations around Sweden every day.

“We wanted a nationwide supplier for courier services and local distribution and chose Jetpak for their high quality,” says Fredrik.

In addition to local distribution services in Dalarna, Solar uses Jetpak's courier services for their Fastbox service in Stockholm, Norrköping, Jönköping, Karlstad, Halmstad, Luleå and Visby. With Fastbox, Solar's customers receive their packages within one hour of ordering.

In the future, the collaboration between Solar and Jetpak, including express deliveries by courier and local distribution services, will be expanded to more geographical areas.

“We're looking forward to further cooperation with Jetpak. Our experience with the company is that they deliver on their promises. Solar's customers value consistent and good service – and that's what Jetpak offers,” concludes Fredrik.

Learn more about Solar at: www.solar.se