Transport solutions for the automotive industry

Component suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and mechanical workshops have been working with express deliveries for a long time. When a truck stops or a machine breaks down, time is of the essence. Downtime is expensive, so solving the problem with an express delivery from somewhere in the Nordics, rather than picking up the part from a central warehouse further south in Europe, saves both money and time.

It's also worth reviewing the rest of your logistics flows to find the best combination of deliveries.

Secure express delivery for when the stakes are high 

The automotive industry's production technology and machines are increasingly advanced and therefore ever more valuable. Expensive equipment that’s left waiting for spare parts or maintenance can hit businesses hard. Downtime on the production line makes for costly delays, and every minute costs money. We know that high demands on efficiency, availability, precision and cost control in the automotive industry make for at least equally high demands on logistics.

● Guaranteed delivery time
● Available at any time, all year round
● From door to door within a couple of hours throughout Europe

Availability is a matter of time 

Classic logistics systems are often based on deliveries from local warehouses. This method is fast, but numerous inventory points cost a lot of money in tied-up capital and storage costs.

What’s often forgotten is that lead time isn’t a matter of distance, but of time. With an express delivery system, you can centralise warehousing and still get the same or a higher level of service.

Delivery within hours in the Nordics and Europe 

Handle high-stakes situations on a daily basis? So do we. Our job is to make sure express deliveries go to plan every single time. Our entire business is focused on that premise, and all our staff are trained to plan and perform high-precision deliveries in a flash. We deliver the same day in the Nordic countries and Europe.

We’re available around the clock, and can deliver anywhere, from a gravel road in the woods to right into the lift at a workshop, for example, and always via the fastest route.