Sustainable logistics

- This is how Jetpak protects the environment

Protecting the environment is an essential part of our business. We think about both what individuals can do in everyday life and what we at Jetpak can do together - in both the short and the long term.

Our sustainable solutions include: 

  • Jetpak customers receive a free carbon dioxide declaration for each new delivery
  • We train our drivers in economical driving and automatically measure the fuel consumption of our vehicles
  • Every delivery is performed by the nearest possible vehicle and via the most suitable flight
  • We send out all our invoices via email

Modern aircraft with reduced environmental impact 

We’re fully aware that we’re in the transport industry, which emits carbon dioxide and other substances that are harmful to the environment. However, our business concept is based on transporting packages in unused space on regular aircraft that would take off with our packages or without. So we don’t have our own aircraft in the air, but rather share resources with other businesses – a clever kind of cooperation.

Our business is based on transport via aircraft and vehicles on the ground, and it’s here that we can make the biggest changes from an environmental perspective. The fleet of aircraft used by our two largest partners are the most modern in the industry. Among other planes, our partners now use Airbus 320 NEO, which has a significantly smaller impact on the environment than traditional planes as it emits the lowest possible quantities of environmentally hazardous substances.

Greener vehicles 

When it comes to our vehicles, we’re constantly updating our fleet with the most efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives. Also, our focus right now is on making the gradual transition to environmentally friendly fuels such as gas, electricity and the biofuel HVO100 (renewable biodiesel). Existing vehicles can be converted to consume HVO100 and then be used for the rest of their service life, which is good for sustainability. We’ve evaluated the use of electric cars (EVs) and will be using them more and more where they can meet our customers' needs. Our first electric cars are already on the road in some places in Norway and Sweden.

Some other examples of what we do for the environment: 

All offices follow our guidelines and, among other things, use green electricity, sort their waste, reduce travel by using video conferencing, use company cars with good environmental credentials and, for loading aircraft, and electric trucks. When procuring equipment essential to our business, we choose eco-labelled products, and our entire staff is trained in green practices.

Quality- and eco-certified 

Jetpak has certifications for the quality of its service and its environmental awareness. An important part of our work to protect the environment is constantly finding new and more ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Download our quality certificates here:

Certificate Quality SS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 (PDF)

Certificate Environment SS-EN ISO 14001: 2015 (PDF)

Sustainability report 2023 Jetpak Top Holding AB