Logistics solutions for the healthcare industry

Urgent deliveries don’t care if it's office hours or not. Our entire business and all our staff are trained in planning and performing deliveries at record speed and with high precision. This is crucial in the healthcare industry. Express delivery of medical equipment and medicines can be a matter of life and death.

We deliver the same day in the Nordics and Europe, all the way to the operating room door if need be.

We’d be happy to talk to you about how we can offer you more efficient logistics flow and save you both time and money.

● Guaranteed delivery time
● Available at any time, year round
● From door to door within a couple of hours throughout Europe

Express deliveries for medical equipment 

Expensive equipment can’t be left waiting for spare parts or maintenance. The high demands on efficiency, availability and cost control in the healthcare industry place at least equally high demands on logistics.

Central warehousing gives you more efficient logistics.

Express delivery for sensitive medicines 

Sensitive drugs and short-lived vaccines must be handled correctly so as not to lose their function, but local warehousing is expensive because of the products’ high product value. So some medicines need to be transported urgently.

Express delivery for research & development 

Research and development to improve human health is constantly advancing and is an industry that creates a lot of value. Lost samples, or samples that are destroyed due to poor handling, can create problems for both health and finances.

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