Compliance with GDP and Quality Standards

Jetpak prioritizes compliance with the EU's Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and other quality standards.

Our staff is trained in GDP, and we implement comprehensive shipment monitoring, traceability, and temperature surveillance to ensure high quality and safety.

In addition to transport, Jetpak handles import control of medicines arriving in Denmark for sale within the country. In Denmark, there are specific regulations for importing medicines intended for the Danish market. It is a regulatory requirement that import control is performed, and Jetpak is authorized to conduct this through its §39 GDP permit. Therefore, pharmaceutical manufacturers from across Europe can use Jetpak's "entry" to bring their products to the Danish market.

We take pride in our warehouse being §39-approved by the Danish Medicines Agency, offering storage services in Denmark under strict monitoring according to GDP regulations.

We ensure proper temperature control using validated equipment and maintain compliance through cleaning protocols in our warehouse facilities and other equipment.