The world's fastest courier company

Delivery at 09:16, not between 9 and 16

For over 40 years, we’ve been the fastest and the most punctual. With us, your delivery is just as you imagined it.

All you need to do is tell us where to pick up and deliver your package, and we’ll take care of the rest. This regardless of whether your package is going around the corner, to another city in Sweden or to the other side of the world.

So, use us when you need to send something that needs to arrive with the recipient quickly and safely. We deliver as quickly as the same day, from door to door or to all your customers on a regular basis. We cover the entire Nordic region through our local offices in more than 170 locations.

Wondering how Jetpak can possibly be so fast and flexible? 

Jetpak offers logistics solutions faster than anything the competition can offer. We handle each individual shipment in a unique way based on your particular requirements, and transport it from you to the recipient via the fastest possible route.

Our strong, established network of partners, presence at major airports, and self-built IT system, Jena, we minimize our lead times for door-to-door deliveries. We have access to  approx. 4,000 daily flight departures and our own handling areas and direct access to the terminals, making for minimal handling times and increased control of the flow of goods.

In other words, we always offer high quality, precise, fast, on-time delivery.

Your package, our priority 

We offer quick, easy and precise delivery, door to door. We can deliver within 60 minutes (often even less) within your city, in a couple of hours throughout the Nordics and Europe, and the next day in the world.

• Guaranteed delivery time

• Available at any time, all year round

• From door to door within a couple of hours throughout Europe

Our history

“Did you know you can now send jet packages in the cargo hold of our planes?"
So said Jan Carlzon, then head of commercial flights, in a television news broadcast.

The year was 1979 and the Jetpak idea was born. Initially, our airport-to-airport deliveries took place by “freight flight”. Later, we developed domestic shipping with guaranteed delivery times. Next, customers needed fast ground transport with pick-up and drop-off. Done. In 1986, we started cooperating with the courier chain.

AdenaPicko’s, founded by one of the pioneers of courier services in Sweden, Picko Troberg. In 1991, Jetpak AB was established, and in 2004, Jetpak and AdenaPicko’s became one and the same brand.

Jetpak continued to offer faster and faster ground transport and an ever more expansive air transport network, and brand grew stronger. Today, we have over 30 years of experience in transport.

1971 Adena started a courier business
1976 Picko’s started a courier business
1979 Linjeflyg helped run the first Jetpaket services, formally called Freight Flight
1983 Adena and Picko’s merge into the AdenaPicko’s brand
1986 Linjeflyg buys part of AdenaPicko’s and Jetpaket is established in Norway
1989 Jetpaket changes its name to Jetpak and branches out across the Nordic region
1991 Jetpak AB is established
1993 Bilspedition buys Jetpak
1995 SAS becomes Jetpak’s new owner
1997 Jetpak launches in Denmark and takes its first steps into Europe and the rest of the world
2004 The AdenaPicko’s brand is discontinued and replaced by Jetpak
2006 SAS sells Jetpak to Accent Equity and Polaris Equity
2008 Jetpak launches a new tailor-made distribution service – Jetpak By Night
2010 Jetpak launches its owned subsidiary in Gothenburg
2011 Jetpak launches and expands in Estonia and the Baltics
2012 Jetpak wholly owned by Polaris Equity
2014 Jetpak updates its brand profile and launches next-day deliveries
2015 Jetpak opens operations in Amsterdam, Brussels and Düsseldorf
2015 Jetpak launches a unique service for e-commerce – fast home deliveries with world-class customer service
2016  Jetpak acquires the Swedish ground transport companies Ett Bud (Borås) and Götaland Logistik (Malmö)
2016 The company creates a new centralised organisation with its headquarters located in Solna, just north of Stockholm
2017 Jetpak expands to Poland and Germany
2017 Jetpak acquires the Swedish ground transport companies Varuslussen (Västerås) and STU Budbilar (Helsingborg)
2018 Jetpak listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market
2019 Jetpak announced the acquisition of 3D Logistik A/S, with effect from 2020
2020 Jetpak head office was moved to Stockholm-Arlanda
2021 Jetpak announced the acquisition of CTS Express A/S, with effect from 2022
2023 Jetpak announced the acquisition of Budakuten, with effect from May 2023