Transport guide

How to pack safely

Sending something from door to door should be easy.

Soft on the inside

For shorter distances it will usually be sufficient enough to put your goods in a box or an envelope.

For longer distances, however, you need to think of a few things to ensure your goods arrive in the condition you sent them.

Use something soft and springy to wrap around the item. Bubble wrap or newspaper are good choices. Liquid contents need to be wrapped in something that can absorb leakages.

A hard shell

Place the item in a hard outer box that can handle shock and pressure from other packages.

Corrugated cartons are a good choice.

Consider the weight of your item and choose an appropriate type of box.

No rattle

Fill your box with some material between your soft wrap and the hard shell.

This will prevent the goods from rattling around during transport. Bubble wrap or newspaper work well.

Turn the package upside-down to check that the content is stable inside the box.