Logistics solutions for the aviation industry

The aviation industry makes high demands of productivity, and interruptions are expensive. High demands on accuracy, efficiency, availability and cost control make for high demands on logistics. Each and every unit must be on hand exactly when it’s needed. That’s where we come in.

● Guaranteed delivery time
● Available at any time, all year round
● From door to door within a couple of hours throughout Europe
● Customs clearance takes place at 33,000 feet

Precise express courier delivery when safety is at stake 

We know that a plane that can’t take off not only causes annoying delays, but also costs a lot of money. You need the right spare part as soon as possible. In the aviation industry, the high demands on efficiency, availability, precision and cost control make for equally high demands on logistics.

We have 40 years of experience in logistics solutions for the aviation industry.

Same day delivery within the Nordic countries and Europe 

Situations that concern safety and high stakes are an everyday part of your business. We have that in common. Our job is to make sure that our express deliveries work, that the right item arrives at the right place, as fast as possible. This is at the root of Jetpak's entire operations and all our staff are trained to plan and carry out fast, precise deliveries in a flash. We deliver the same day in the Nordic countries and Europe, all the way to the airside at most airports.

Sounds too good to be true? Try us!