Logistics solutions for companies

For many businesses, dealing with situations where a lot, sometimes even life itself, is at stake, is part of everyday life. With Jetpak’s express deliveries, you’re safe. We deliver the same day throughout the Nordic countries and Europe, all the way to the operating room, aircraft or production line.

Jetpak is the Nordic region's leading express courier and overcomes challenges for industries in which efficiency, availability, precision and cost control are of the utmost importance.
Please read more about how we can shorten downtime and increase product value for your company.

● Guaranteed delivery time
● Available at any time, all year round
● From door to door within a couple of hours throughout Europe
● Customs clearance at 33,000 feet

Express shipping – Punctual, safe and cost-effective 

Does your company need guaranteed safe, fast deliveries with exact punctuality? We make sure that the right packages are delivered to the right place at the exact appointed time. Jetpak staff are experts in their field and trained in planning and performing the fastest and safest deliveries, so your business doesn’t have to slow down.

Courier delivery that meets the strictest requirements 

We are the courier company for companies that need safe, high quality, precise deliveries. Machines and production techniques are becoming increasingly advanced and therefore more valuable. If equipment sits stills while waiting for spare parts to arrive, for example, this can quickly lead to big financial losses.

Jetpak's operations are adapted to the requirements of your industry and we guarantee fast and secure deliveries, so your business can continue operations without delays.