Corporate Social Responsibility

Jetpak’s core values:
Simplicity, Commitment and Excellence are fundamental to the company’s responsibility towards customers and employees.

Our aim is that every employee should feel that their work contribution is valued and that they are an important part of the team in delivering our customer promise.


Jetpak is responsible for managing the impact our operations have on our employees’ health, development and safety. Good physical and mental health is a prerequisite for achieving top results. Jetpak seeks to make every employee feel valued and appreciated for their work performance. Employees are also offered clear personal development opportunities. Jetpak's education system functions as a support in this development work. Furthermore, we carry out an annual employee survey in order to enhance the work environment and development opportunities for our employees.


As a company, we are responsible for the impact of our actions on society. We strive to encourage a positive impact through various programs including traffic security in collaboration with the Swedish National Society for Road Safety (NTF). We also collaborate with the Swedish educational system, championing sponsorship and mentorship programs and supervising student thesis work. In addition, we work together with Linköping University, participating in case studies and research projects.


Jetpak’s ‘Code of conduct’ provides a group-wide summary of Jetpak’s ethical guidelines and general policies. The guide is designed to support people in their work, describing among other matters, how to conduct sound and profitable business, good ethics, and how to contribute to sustainable development in society.