Sender's responsibility

Sender's responsibility 

By purchasing a service and leaving a package with Jetpak, the sender agrees to these general terms and conditions. Certain international treaties, such as the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention, may be applied to the package and may limit Jetpak's liability for damage, loss or delay in accordance with the liability limitation clause below.

The sender authorises Jetpak to act as its agent for import/export control and customs clearance. It is the sender’s responsibility to provide appropriate documentation to ensure customs clearance where applicable. Jetpak is entitled to pay all fees and taxes for the package on behalf of the sender in accordance with applicable regulation. Jetpak has the right to reclaim all these costs from the sender, including any handling fees.

The sender is responsible for the goods being correctly packaged, marked and addressed, to ensure safe transit given normal handling. Both the contents and the packaging must be checked for damage when the package is delivered.

In order for Jetpak to perform its services within the agreed time, the sender also agrees to:

(1) ensure that only authorized personnel handle the package while it is under the sender's supervision (including during preparation, storage and transport);
(2) allow the package to be examined for security reasons
(3) certify that the package does not contain prohibited items
(4) notify the security-approved forwarder, i.e. Jetpak, in writing of any and all changes to security procedures