Limitation of liability

Limitation of liability 

If the shipment includes a final destination or stopover in a country other than the country of dispatch, the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention apply. In cases where the Montreal Convention applies, it takes precedence over the Warsaw Convention and any national provisions which are incompatible or contrary to the Convention. These conventions regulate and limit in most cases the carrier's liability for loss, damage or delay of goods. Transport under these general conditions is subject to the provisions of liability in the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention unless the transport is an “international transport” under these conventions.

For national transports, Jetpak's liability is limited in accordance with the provisions of NSAB 2015.

Insofar as it does not conflict with the above, transport under these general terms and conditions is also subject to national laws on the implementation of the conventions, government regulations, the airlines' general transit terms and Jetpak's tariffs, rules, regulations and conditions. Jetpak's current rates, rules, regulations and conditions can be obtained on request.

For courier transport, NSAB 2015 (Nordic Freight Forwarders' Association's general regulations) and country-specific laws and regulations are applied.

Time guarantee for transport according to NSAB 2015 only applies if Jetpak has agreed to this in writing.