Transport solutions for warehousing

Each stop in the production line entails high costs. Through express deliveries, you save time and money by centralising warehousing and reducing the number of inventory points. It's worth systematising scheduled but still fast deliveries.

Express delivery, your competitive advantage 

There are times when ad-hoc express deliveries are necessary and make for a competitive advantage. They save time and money by allowing you to centralise your inventory and reduce the number of local warehouses, while still maintaining the same high level of service.

Delivery within a couple of hours in the Nordics and Europe 

Jetpak ensures that your packages arrive quickly and without errors. Because we use commercial air traffic and ground transportation, we can transport your packages very quickly indeed, and deliver them within a few hours of you placing your order.

We operate at more than 170 airports in the Nordic region and have access to most airports in the rest of Europe. Want our advice about systematising your logistics flow? Offer smaller, faster partial deliveries for a more efficient flow for everyone.

● Guaranteed delivery time
● Available at any time, all year round
● From door to door within a couple of hours throughout Europe

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