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It´s lost! Being the last person at the airport conveyor belt and coming to realize that your bag in not coming, that is a traveller’s worst nightmare.

Every year millions of travellers experience an unpleasant surprise, when a suitcase doesn’t arrive at its destination. Usually, though, the missing bag finds its owner within a day.

– 99 percent of Finnair’s customers’ luggage is transported without any problems. Out of delayed luggage, 90 percent arrives within 24 hours. Only 10 percent of incidents need actual searching, explains an expert in Finnair’s luggage processing, Kari Kaijanen.

The biggest reason why a suitcase goes missing is that it hasn´t arrived on time onboard a flight. Other factors are, amongst other things, technical difficulties, weather, human error and safety concerns. Whatever the reason, losing a bag can be annoying, although some people find a positive side to it.

– Of course it’s always troublesome if suitcases don’t travel simultaneously with the customer who owns them. We do everything in our power to avoid this. Sometimes, though, a customer is glad, if they don’t have to carry larger items such as skis or golf bags home themselves, Kaijanen explains.

This is where we at Jetpak step – or drive – into the picture. When Finnair has found the bag, we bring these escapees back to their owners.

Finnair has used Jetpak to transport delayed luggage since January 2016. Finnair places an order through the Jena-system and our drivers pick up luggage several times a day from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and other Finnish airports.

Together we have saved many skiers sulking in slopeside restaurants without their skis, tourists shivering on Helsinki’s streets and hopefuls who’ve come to startup events to conquer the world.

– We have had a couple of special events such as music festivals and sports competitions, where stuff has been missing and the success of the event has depended on getting the equipment there on time. When the items have arrived, Jetpak has always immediately been willing to drive anywhere, Kaijanen describes.

Delivering luggage is unpredictable service, in the mornings you never know what the day will bring – unfortunately it’s impossible to predict luggage going missing. That’s why Finnair needed a flexible partner.

– While delivering missing luggage you might get rapid changes to addresses and schedules, Jetpak can react to them in a flexible way. Many bigger companies will raise their arms up in the air. Jetpak has never replied to us that they don’t have capacity or that the schedules don’t hold up, Kaijanen thanks. 

Although you can’t predict lost luggage you can prepare for it. Firstly always check that your luggage has a name tag and take a photo of your bag before checking it in. This will help to recognize and return your bag quicker.

In addition it’s a good idea to pack in your hand luggage at least one set of clothes, most important personal hygiene items, valuables and any medication. Although it’s very unlikely that your luggage will go missing and can’t be delivered within the same day, it’s not worth risking a good trip by taking a chance on probabilities.