Send packages abroad

Sending a package abroad? Jetpak is the quickest, easiest and best option for same-day express delivery. We deliver door-to-door all over Europe and have connections to the entire world. We have over 40 years of experience in providing express delivery.

Jetpak offers logistics solutions faster than anything the competition can offer. We handle each individual shipment in a unique way based on your particular requirements, and transport it from you to the recipient via the fastest possible route.

● Always on time
● Always open, year round
● World's fastest deliveries
● Fantastic service

Courier vehicles throughout Europe

Through a combination of courier vehicles on the ground and commercial flights, we have unrivalled coverage and can deliver your packages the same day within a few hours. We ship from over 170 destinations around Europe and have access to over 900 courier vehicles and further connections to the whole world.

● We’ll always give you an exact price and delivery time at the time of booking.
● We take care of all documentation and help you with customs rules and, if needed, customs declarations. You can track your package in real time via our various interfaces.
● Whether a package is going to Germany, Poland, the UK, Benelux or anywhere else in Europe or the world, we have a solution for you.

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