Flexible and secure express deliveries for the healthcare sector


Correct prioritisation within healthcare reduces suffering and saves lives. High-tech medical equipment must be available and work around the clock, all year round. Sensitive samples and medicines must be delivered on time, without being damaged. High demands on efficiency, availability, precision and cost-control place equally high demands on logistic solutions within the healthcare sector.

Life and death situations are daily occurrences in your operations. Our role is to ensure that the express deliveries work as they should. All our employees are trained to plan and send shipments out quickly and with great precision. We provide same-day deliveries within Europe and the Nordic area, even all the way to the doors of the operating theatre if required.

Flexible and secure express deliveries for medical technology

Medical technology is becoming ever more advanced and thereby more expensive. Expensive apparatus cannot stand idle waiting for replacement parts or maintenance. There is every reason to count the costs of static installations of medical equipment that is only used in special cases.

Flexible and secure express deliveries for medicines

Sensitive medicines and vaccines with short shelf-lives must be handled correctly to avoid losing their potency. Local storage is expensive because the products have a high value. Highly specialised medicines may need an emergency shipment to ensure they get to the receiver at the right time.

Flexible and secure express deliveries for samples

Research and development to improve human health is always moving forward and is an industry of enormous value. Lost samples, or samples that degrade through poor handling, can cause great difficulty, both health-wise and financially. It places great demand on logistics that can handle sensitive products and samples fast, safely and with precision.