New pricing within Sweden and to the Nordics

We aim to ensure that more customers can experience the reliability of using Jetpak's next-day deliveries. Therefore, we are offering the same pricing to all our customers within Sweden and from Sweden to the Nordics.

From Kiruna to Copenhagen or from Malmö to Luleå – Jetpak covers the entire Nordic region.
We want our customers to have a carefree tomorrow, starting today.

"Delivery tomorrow is OK, but it really has to be here by then..."
Jetpak has always offered next day delivery to our customers when it is a requirement or a must.
Easy to book. Always reliable. Always a priority.
Jetpak End Of Day
With Jetpak End of Day, you will always get door-to-door, next weekday delivery, throughout the Nordics.
Reliable and Convenient.