Jetpak Pharma

When the product is something very special.

Jetpak Pharma is for those who have high demands concerning transport, handling, storage and communication with their product.

We have the facilities, including special temperature monitored storage, and the competencies (trained personnel) to meet the high demands, which are rightly made, of the medical industry.

See GDP certificate for Jetpak Denmark here

We offer tailored solutions with transportation between 2–8 or 15–25 degrees and with both daily and weekly deliveries.

The pharmaceuticals companies get more than unique logistics. At Jetpak we have a special department for handling medicine.

Pharmaceutical products must be handled with care. Jetpak is a part of the legal supply chain, which is statutory when transporting medicinal products.

Distribution of pharma implies high quality standards. Jetpak comply with these requirements.

We monitor our vehicles electronically to increase security and are in close contact with each driver. We also give active feedback if there are problems during transport.

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