Ongoing SAK Union Strike in Finland

We would like to inform our customers about the ongoing strike organized by the SAK union in Finland, which commenced on Monday, March 11th, and is provisionally scheduled to continue until March 24th.

The strike involves various sectors, including the Transport Workers (AKT), Public and Welfare Workers (JHL), Industrial, Electricity, Construction Unions, and the Service Workers (Pam), affecting approximately 7,000 workers affiliated with the SAK unions.

Mainly targeting exports and imports in ports and rail transport, the industrial action also extends to some disruptions in the manufacturing sector.

While Jetpak's operations are not directly impacted by the strikes, potential disruptions in fuel distribution may pose challenges to deliveries. We assure our customers that we are closely monitoring the situation and will provide immediate updates should any disruptions occur.

For further inquiries or updates, please do not hesitate to contact us.