Express Deliveries

We provide fast, precise, reliable and easy to use door-to-door deliveries between the UK and the Nordics.


Your shipment is delivered door-to-door within hours. You can make a booking online or by calling our customer service tel. 0845 528 1505. After the booking, we will send you all necessary freight documents via email before we pick your shipment up. You can follow your shipment online and you will get a delivery notification by email or sms after the delivery.

99 % of our deliveries are made on time and in case of a delay, we have a money back solution called Jetpak Guarantee. To become a customer you can register online or do it over the phone while making your first booking. All our shipments are handled individually, and should there be any deviations during the transport, we will immediately contact you and your consignee. You can pay online when you book your shipment, otherwise you will receive your invoice after the shipment has been delivered.

Your can find answers to our frequently asked questions here.


Why should you choose us?


- All inclusive, exact prices presented at the time of the booking

- Effective customs handling provided

- 99% of our deliveries are made on time

- Door-to-door, sameday deliveries between UK and Europe

- We are fast, precise, reliable and easy to use




London - Copenhagen:                 Birmingham – Stockholm:                  Aberdeen– Stavanger:                  Manchester – Luleå: 
5 hours 55 minutes      7 hours 40 minutes     5 hours     8 hours 30 minutes