Common questions

Sending something from door to door should be easy. Below we answer some of the most common questions we get. If you have other questions, you are always welcome to contact us at 077-570 00 00 or via

To book a shipment, you can call customer service on +32 2 300 24 24 or book here 





Depending on aircraft or vehicle types the size of the shipment can vary, please check with your local Jetpak office.

Contact customer service on +32 2 300 24 24 for more information 

Yes, there are special rules about sending dangerous goods.

Contact customer service on +32 2 300 24 24 for more information.

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Yes, you can, but special rules regarding packaging, content declaration and labelling apply to apply to packages with dry ice.
To schedule such a delivery, you must call us on +32 2 300 24 24

With Jetpak, you can send everything from an envelope or a set of keys to something that weighs several hundred kilos. Once we transported a whale! There are a few things to keep in mind, however:

  1. If your shipment is to be flown, your price is based on volume weight, i.e. both dimensions and weight.
  2. For safety reasons, we don’t transport dangerous goods. The exception is dry ice and packages packed in dry ice, where special rules apply to packaging, content declaration and labelling. To schedule a dry ice delivery, you must call us.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not allowed on SAS or Norwegian's flights.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call us on +32 2 300 24 24

Your estimated time of arrival will appear when booking is confirmed.

You can track your Jetpak delivery in real time via our website or other online means, by emailing  or over the phone on +32 2 300 24 24

Jetpak serves the people who schedule deliveries.
In other words, the recipient can cancel the delivery of a package if they scheduled the delivery.
Cancellation is made by contacting customer service on +32 2 300 24 24 or at 
If the package has already been picked up, it’s returned to the sender and a charge is made for work performed.

Yes, with Jetpak deliveries the recipient signs a receipt upon delivery.

If the recipient isn’t present when delivery is attempted, Jetpak contacts the recipient and tries to deliver the package again.
If the recipient doesn’t want to accept the package, Jetpak contacts the client, who then decides what should happen next.
All delivery attempts will be charged for.


Please contact customer service 

The time you have to pay the import duty depends on the current rules for the recipient country, which is the country into which the goods are to be imported.

See local customs regulations for more information.


You can get both delivery times and prices by contacting customer service on +32 2 300 24 24

When sending packages abroad with Jetpak, a pro forma or commercial invoice must be attached.
If the item is to be resold abroad, use the actual invoice.
If it’s only a delivery, use a pro-forma invoice.

We offer worldwide door-to-door delivery. If you’re sending something outside the EU, we need to make a customs clearance for the content. For that, we need you to provide a pro forma or commercial invoice.

Once you’ve scheduled your delivery, send your invoice with AWB number to us at 

Note that four copies of the invoice must be signed and accompany the package on its journey.

Deliveries sent to and from non-EU countries, including Norway, the Faroe Islands and Switzerland, generate import duties.


With our fastest service, Jetpak Direct, you can send packages anywhere in the Nordic countries and Europe.

With our Next-Day services, you can send them worldwide.

When you schedule a delivery with Jetpak, the sender is responsible for filling in customs documents.