Jetpak and Bekey - Efficient and Secure Delivery to Your Door

Since our partnership began in 2023, Jetpak and Bekey have been working together to enhance the delivery experience. At Jetpak, we have implemented Bekey as an integrated solution, providing our customers with a unique and secure delivery experience.

What does it mean for you as a customer?

Flexible Delivery in Secure Entrances

Bekey enables us to offer flexible delivery to our customers. This means that even in locked entrances, you do not need to be present to receive your package from Jetpak. With Bekey installed, our drivers can easily and securely access the entrance using a digital key, eliminating the need for physical keys.

Why is Bekey a secure solution?

Security and User-Friendliness

Bekey is not just a convenient solution; it is also a secure one. Only individuals with legitimate business can receive a digital key to the entrance. Access can be granted and revoked instantly, and every use of the digital key is carefully recorded, including who used it and when.
Bekey is a leader in digital access solutions and is used 40,000 times a day nationwide. This technology allows authorized parties with a legitimate purpose to access locked entrances in a simple and efficient manner.

Learn more on Bekey's website 

You can delve deeper into our partnership by visiting Bekey's website, where you can find additional information on how Jetpak and Bekey together create a more convenient and secure delivery experience.