Jetpak Ivalo

RTG Ground Handling Oy
+358 207 088 613

Shipments from Ivalo airport are only possible from a reliable source or from a known sender.

All incoming shipments ok.

Shipment pickup:
One hour before the flight departs and half an hour after the flight arrives.

Jetpak Air

The world's fastest courier company. We always find the best solution for your specific transportation needs.

Jetpak Direct
The industry's quickest and most accessible door-to-door delivery service.

Jetpak Next Day
When tomorrow is fast enough.

Customer Specific
Flexible service door to door.

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Jetpak Road

Day or night. With Jetpak Road, you are guaranteed the fastest delivery around the clock, all year round.

Unique geographic coverage
We cover all corners of the Nordic countries and Europé with representation in 170 locations.

Delivery and highest quality
Local transportation in multiple locations with a partner enables control and quality.

Courier service that is always open
You can reach us every day of the week, around the clock, all year round.

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Contact information

+358 9 7277 180 / Domestic 0800 55 22 00

Lentokentäntie 290
99800 Ivalo

Opening hours