Environmental responsibility

Jetpak's overarching environmental policy encompasses the following main points:

To proactively ensure that consideration for the environment is an integral part of our operations and strive to continuously improve our operations from an environmental management standpoint

  • To take the environment into account in all business development and business decisions
  • To work with environmental objectives, evaluation and monitoring in the following areas:
    • Energy efficiency in our transport chain
    • Reduction of CO₂ emissions from our vehicles
    • Procurement processes for goods and services
    • Recycling and resource management
    • Education and information
  • To actively increase knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among employees, customers, suppliers and other partners
  • To count active environmental management as a merit when selecting partners
  • To provide open and accurate environmental information to employees, clients, suppliers and other partners
  • To ensure that Jetpak's management is held accountable for environmental policy compliance and that management promotes employee ideas in this area

Our main environmental focus is the reduction of fuel emissions, thereby reducing our impact on the environment. The company has an active environmental management program in which our goal is to reduct our CO₂ emissions. This work includes the measurement of actual CO₂ emissions per km, per delivery and per vehicle. Furthermore, we strive to continually renew our vehicle fleet, use electric vehicles and fossil-free fuel. In addition, all company drivers and employees undergo training in eco-friendly driving.