Danish Food Administration Inspection Report

The Danish Food Administration oversees regulations in the veterinary and food areas and ensures compliance with the rules through guidance and control of food, feed, the country's slaughterhouses, and veterinary conditions.

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Danish Food Administration Inspection Report

About the Smiley Scheme
The Smiley Scheme makes it easy to find businesses that comply with food regulations.

What is the Smiley Scheme?
The Smiley Scheme shows how well stores, restaurants, and other businesses selling food to consumers comply with legislation on food handling.

The scheme makes it easy for consumers to find businesses that have a handle on food safety. At the same time, the Smiley Scheme makes it easy for businesses to demonstrate how well they adhere to the rules.

How is the smiley awarded?
The smiley is awarded based on the inspection reports prepared by the Danish Food Administration during inspection visits. The reports focus on food safety and assign businesses a more or less smiling smiley depending on how well they comply with food regulations.

The business receives the inspection report digitally and is given a smiley sticker. All inspection reports can be found here on findsmiley.dk.