Door to door delivery should be easy. On this page you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Jetpak's courier & shipping service. If you have any other questions, please call +44 8455 281 505.

You can register as a customer at the time of your booking. You can do it either by calling us tel. +44 8455 281 505 or register online. To do so, visit our Web Book, press 'Login', then 'New customer' and fill out the form.

In both cases please have the following information ready:

  • Name of company
  • VAT-number
  • Address
  • Billing address
  • Name of contact person(s) and contact details


If you have several weekly shipments, we are happy to visit you and make a contract with you. Please contact our customer service tel. +44 8455 281 505 for more information.


The Jetpak web-booking system is easy to use and provides you with instant price and delivery time.

Book your transport online or call our customer service, tel. +44 8455 281 505.

General restrictions for air-transports size wise is 50 kg with maximum measurements of 50*50*50 centimetres.

You can, however, always contact us even if you have shipments weighing up to 300 kg as we can arrange express road transport when needed.  

Customer service +44 8455 281 505


You can send anything from a set of keys to items weighing several hundred kilos. Once we actually shipped a whale.

However, there are few things you should consider: 

For security reasons we do not carry dangerous goods. 

As the sender you are responsible for correct packaging and labeling. Check packing instructions here.

If you have questions or concerns please call our customer service tel. +44 8455 281 505.

As a Jetpak customer you are covered according to international conventions and UK laws. This means that in case of loss or damage you are entitled to compensation equivalent to 17 SDR per kilo (1 SDR is approximately £1). However, in many cases your shipment is worth more than this and the compulsory compensation will not cover your loss adequately.

Jetpak offers supplementary insurance.

Please contact our customer service tel. +44 8455 281 505 for more information.

Force Majeure means circumstances, that cannot be foreseen or be expected to avoid or overcome.

These can for example relate to customs, bad weather, flight cancellations, traffic delays/ accidents etc.

In case of damage or loss of one or more packages Jetpak must be informed as soon as you find out and no later than 14 days after delivery. In case of damage please keep the packaging materials.

In case of delay Jetpack must be informed as soon as you find out and not later than 21 days after delivery.

In case the shipment is lost altogether Jetpak must be informed as soon as possible and no later than 120 days after issue of waybill.

Contact Jetpak as soon as possible in the event of damage, loss or delays. Please do so within the valid time frame mentioned. Complaints received later than stated above will not be considered valid. Our rules for complaints comply with the rules in NSAB 2000 and IATA.

Please call us tel. +44 8455 281 505 to register your complaint.