Capacity Surcharge

Jetpak introduces a surcharge for all air products to secure and keep our network operational.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic our business environment has dramatically changed, which has a large impact on all parts of our delivery system. Borders are closing down and airlines are introducing major capacity reductions and reduced frequencies. Handling processes are changed to minimize physical contact between people.

Jetpak is still operational and we are continuously monitoring and adjusting to any changes required from our customers, suppliers and authorities. We are working around the clock to be able to react quickly and to meet our customers' expectations. We are constantly adjusting our network and applying substitute capacity when required.

Airline capacity is restrained by reduced network and frequencies. Capacity reduction and changed handling processes is adding a substantial cost increase during this period, and we therefore introduce a temporary surcharge to cover some of the additional costs.

The surcharge will be effective April 1st and is valid for all air products within specified amounts:

  • 1,15€ / kg (chargeable weight)
  • Minimum 13,50€ per AWB (per shipment)
  • Maximum 75€ per AWB (per shipment)

We will closely monitor the development and adjust accordingly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service ( / +32-2-300 24 24) or your sales representative.