With highly efficient production there is no room for shortages of material. Our customer Valtra, a manufacturer of internationally acknowledged individualized tractor, requires that materials are available for assembly when needed.

When it comes to urgent material deliveries, Valtra turns to us at Jetpak.

– Jetpak is one of the companies providing urgent deliveries. They have come to our rescue when other means of transport were not possible. Swift actions and reliability have been crucial, says Panu Tourunen, engineer at Valtra.

Urgent deliveries have mostly involved picking up a package in Central Europe in the afternoon and delivering it to Suolahti, Central Finland in the early dawn. 

– We have been impressed by the way Jetpak has managed pick up the packages, find the fastest air routes as well as arrange overnight deliveries from Helsinki Airport to Suolahti. Thanks to them we have been able to ensure smooth production flow starting at 6 a.m. in the morning.

Uninterrupted production flow and timely deliveries have meant that Valtra customers have received their new tractors as agreed.

– For us a satisfied customer is the most important thing, and often we owe a big thank you to Jetpak.