Imagine a large shipment of fish waiting to be analyzed and approved. If there are any delays it would mean a huge financial loss and a stinking disappointment. 

This is a perfect example of what we know our clients need from us: punctual, fast, predictable and always available courier service.

This is our job.

TosLab AS is in the business of increasing food safety and water quality through their services of high-tech microbiological and chemical analyses for both businesses and private clients.

That is theirs.

Together we work to make sure their job gets done without any problems occurring.

“We made a deal with Jetpak in August 2015. Before that time the service was only used occasionally. After we sat down with Tor Strand from their offices, we began to realize the potential of a mutually beneficial partnership in creating an even better supplier to our standing clients and future customers”, Vegard Tennes from TosLab tells.

TosLab uses Jetpak services almost daily, a total of 12–15 shipments a week.

Most of their shipments are time-dependent samples that must be analyzed immediately.

“Efficient transport is necessary for us as most of our customers rely and depend on prompt analyses responses.”

TosLab prefers Jetpak to all their competitors whenever possible as Jetpaks availability, predictability and price put them above the crowd. Another very important key is that Jetpak is able to communicate and collaborate to make the process run smoothly and therefore to increase our customer satisfaction and their loyalty.

“Strand from Jetpak is a solution-oriented expert who is helpful and available. Many of TosLabs customers locations are often characterized as having horrible weather, like thick fog in the summer or driving winds in winter. This creates havoc sometimes in air traffic. If for any reason there is a missed connection, the package will arrive on the next flight in.”

Usually samples arrive at Tromsø Airport the same day, where TosLab´s shipments are stored in a cold chamber until they are expedited the next morning.

“The fact that Jetpak has “local knowledge” throughout the country is also vitally important especially when it concerned a salmon farming company whose facilities lie far outside the end of the coast.”

“It means the world to us to have a supplier like Jetpak in whom we can trust. The simple fact that Jetpak is predictable, competitive and willing to find the right solutions provides us to offer a better customer experience. In many ways, Jetpak is part of our services and has helped to build our reputation.”