ONE Nordic

A few weeks ago, we received a message:

“Dear Jetpak team, I would like to tell you two short stories of so remarkable deliveries it’s hard to believe anyone else but Jetpak would be able to handle them.”

One Nordic 2.jpg

The message had been sent by Eddie Brynjebo from ONE Nordic. ONE Nordic is one of the leading companies providing consultancy, contracting and maintenance services in the Nordic region.

A customer’s story in Jetpak’s newsletter had caught Mr. Brynjebo’s eye, and he decided to share his own story – perhaps it would make someone smile.”

The message continued:

“A couple of years ago I took a flight from Kallinge to Luleå, and continued to a hydroelectric power plant to do some special measurements. I carried with me a number of bags with equipment. When unpacking, I noticed I was missing critical instruments in one bag. Instead the equipment I needed were in an identical bag in my car at Kallinge Airport.”

I called Jetpak. “Could you drive from Your Kallinge office to our Karlskrona office and pick up my spare car keys? Then I would need you to drive back to Kallinge Airport, find my car, take a grey bag from the car, lock the car, slip the keys into bag and send the bag to Luleå? After a short break the voice answered: “Sure, we can do that. We will let you know if we manage to get the bag on the afternoon flight.”

It was almost noon already. Just after lunch I received a call from Jetpak telling me that if the flight is on time, my bag will arrive at around 6 p.m.

The bag arrived as agreed. I ended up losing a couple of working hours only and my work was done in time – thanks to the service-minded people at Jetpak!”

Mr. Brynjebo also had another story to share:

“I received an urgent request for a work up north to be done the very next day. For this job a specific amplifier was needed which we did not have available.

A phone call to our test instrument provider in Aachen, Germany confirmed that they had the  amplifier and that it could be sent out the same day. The problem was that the delivery company they normally used would need two days to deliver the amplifier. That will not work, I thought, trying to figure out what to do.

That’s when I called Jetpak and explained my problem: “The package from Germany arrives at Arlanda Airport late at night. Would you be able to pick it up and bring it to me in the morning at 8 a.m. in between my flights?” No problem! Jetpak will take care of it.

And they did! I simply headed down to the arrivals hall, picked up the package from the hands of a smiling Jetpack person, headed upstairs and stepped aboard my flight up north.”

“These cases were so exceptional that I was afraid no one would be able to work them out”, Mr. Brynjebo explained later when we called him to thank him for the email.

“I could tell you several stories of cases where the packages do not arrive as agreed, and the delivery companies won’t even admit their failure. I wanted to take five minutes of my time to let you know, how much I appreciate the fact that the Jetpak team always seems to find a solution. Most delivery companies are not able to do this. Thank you for everyone at Jetpak!”

Thank you Mr. Brynjebo for your lovely email. These are the kind of stories we love to share with our customers. Just a couple of examples of the small miracles we do.