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Read about some of our customers that are happy to work with us.

What happens to your lost suitcase?

Finland, Courier Distribution

Every year millions of travellers experience an unpleasantsurprise, when a suitcase doesn’t arrive at its destination. Usually, though, the missing bag finds its owner within a day. 

Individualized tractors with no interruptions in production
– Valtra

Finland, Jetpak Direct

"Thanks to Jetpak we have been able to ensure smooth production flow starting at 6 a.m. in the morning."

A happy customer who made our day
ONE Nordic

Sweden, Jetpak Direct

“Dear Jetpak team, I would like to tell you two short stories of remarkable deliveries."

Building a perfect transportation chain
- SR Group

Norway, Jetpak Direct

"Thanks to Jetpak we are able to deliver quick transport solutions for our customers."

Avoiding stinking disappointments
- Toslab

Norway, Jetpak Direct

"Most of our customers rely and depend on prompt analyses responses.”