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Express deliveries 

We offer you the fastest door-to-door delivery service regardless of distance; local deliveries as well as air express deliveries covering the entire Europe.

We have different delivery options depending on your urgency, but with out fastest option you get your package delivered within hours - door-to-door. Our fastest delivery option also includes a money-back-guarantee called Jetpak-guarantee


JetLogistics -the fastest lead time available

When it comes to your daily volumes, Jetpak can cut time and add value to your supply chain by offering you late cut off-time and early morning deliveries for your spare parts distribution or your e-commerce shipments throughout the entire Europe.

By utilizing Jetpak you will add more value to your business by cutting transportation time by 15-30%. 


Why should you choose us?


- All inclusive, exact prices presented at the time of the booking

- Effective customs handling provided

- 99% of our deliveries are made on time

- Door-to-door, sameday deliveries

- We are fast, precise, reliable and easy to use

Express deliveries



Below we have described some of our value added services:



Monitoring and keeping control

For companies for whom transport is one of the most important elements of their business, we have developed our eOrder Plus service. As you know, we assume responsibility for ensuring that your consignment is delivered swiftly and safely, but if you'd prefer to monitor your deliveries yourself you're more than welcome to do so. Our eOrder Plus service enables you both to monitor your consignments and keep them under control. In addition, for maximum flexibility, the booking function is integrated into your normal business system.

consignment monitoring

Using the interactive transport monitoring function, you can monitor your booking and shipment status in real time. This enables you to remain fully in control and, even before your customer, you know that your consignment has reached its destination. What's more, you're provided with a useful summary and analysis of the flow process from start to finish, enabling you to streamline your deliveries still further.



Reporting back to
the customer's system

This saves valuable work time, since the invoice documentation is automatically imported into your system. Furthermore, your system will be kept continuously updated.

Interactive statistics
and invoice follow-up

Here, too, you'll make great savings in time and work, as eOrder Plus gives you faster, simpler follow-up of invoices and statistics. Updating is carried out daily, meaning that you'll always have access to the latest information.

Printout solution for
transport documentation

The eOrder Plus system also comprises an ingenious printout solution enabling you to decide what is to be printed when. As you avoid duplicate printouts of transport documentation, your workflow will become more efficient.




You can easily link up our system with your customer register. This speeds up the booking flow and boosts quality.

Free proactive delivery
-monitoring by e-mail and SMS

As an added bonus, to ensure our customers are satisfied and that your end customers will be even more satisfied, we offer a free proactive delivery-monitoring service that uses e-mail, SMS messaging and/or fax to help you keep track of your delivery. This service sends you updated reports on the progress of your shipment so that if anything happens you will be the first to know.